Calvary is reaching out to help people around the world learn about God and the salvation He provides in Jesus Christ. Because missionaries went years ago and evangelized many nations, there are now many fine churches and trained men eager to continue evangelizing their lands. However, they often would have to labor full-time just to survive, leaving little time for evangelism. That is where we come in.

Through the skilled ministry of godly coordinators, International Gospel Mission (IGM) selects and monitors the work of local pastors in many nations. Assured that they are doing God's work the right way, they assure churches in America that these men are worthy of our support. Then, for far less than the cost of sending an American missionary, we support this work. They already know the language and culture. They are accepted by their neighbors as no American would be. For the cost of sending one missionary couple from here, several works are supported. Orphans are supported. Young men and women are educated. New churches are established. Godly young men are trained to do the work of the ministry.

Calvary Baptist members have been moved by the plight of starving children. We have selected the work of Alex Boama in Ghana for our support. We send money to buy rice every month and Pastor Alex and people of that church prepare meals and serve children.

Calvary Baptist Church is sponsoring missionary work in Kenya, Ghana, Hong Kong, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and the Philippines.